Offers for up-to-three-year-olds

In order to support children in their development as early and as well as possible, the Mo.Ki team offers a variety of offers, courses and activities for this age group.

Offers for parents with children

Baby massage
Baby massage is suitable for children from the 4th week of life. The interaction that involves closeness, physical contact and attention is very pleasant for most children and mothers. The massage helps restless children, those who sleep badly or suffer from tummy aches to relax. In addition, baby massage strengthens the mother-child bond and increases the baby’s well-being.

Parent-child groups
Apart from early support for children, the aim of the parent-child groups is to provide a platform for mutual support and an exchange of experiences about everyday child-raising and family life among the parents themselves. In the play and toddler groups, parents learn how to keep their children busy in everyday family life and how to best support them with just few resources.

Bilingual parent-child groups
The bilingual intercultural parent-child groups are aimed at parents with children aged 1.5 to 3 years. Before entering a day care center, the child increases its fluency in its own mother tongue and learns a second language through play.

Offers for parents

Knitting circle
Baby blankets, socks, hats, ponchos and whatever your knitting heart desires are all made in a cozy group. The group is happy to receive donations of wool as well as other knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

Mo.Ki parenting classes
The Mo.Ki “under 3” scheme regularly offers free parenting courses. The courses take place on 10 dates, usually on Monday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Parents appreciate the conversations with other parents and the knowledge that other parents have similar questions. Various parenting topics are discussed, such as rules and boundaries, language development, anger and conflicts, and healthy eating.

Marte-Meo parenting course
The Marte-Meo parenting course helps mothers, fathers and children to get to know each other. Parents learn to recognize and support their child’s developmental steps. Many parents intuitively do many things right, but they don’t know why it is helpful that they do things this way. This information can be conveyed in the Marte Meo parenting course.

Offers during the year

Health and nutrition weeks
In spring, the health and nutrition weeks take place at Mo.Ki “under 3”. For two weeks, everything revolves around the topics of nutrition, exercise, health and relaxation. The cooperation partners in particular offer a varied program with all sorts of activities, all of which are usually free of charge.

Holiday program during the summer holidays
When many parent-child programs take a break in the summer, Mo.Ki “under 3” organizes a varied holiday program. There are excursions as well as creative activities. Most of the activities offered are free of charge.

Language and reading weeks
In autumn, Mo.Ki “under 3” organizes language and reading weeks. For two weeks, everything revolves around the topics of language, language development and language support. Language promotion is a key building block in the holistic development of children. There is a varied program with different offers, all of which are usually free of charge.

Festivals and celebrations
Mo.Ki “under 3” organizes a party several times a year. This could be at Easter time with an Easter egg hunt and many surprises, the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice with a large intercultural buffet, St Martin's Day celebrations with lanterns and carol singing, or St Nicholas’ Day celebrations with a visit from St Nicholas.

Christmas workshop
In the Christmas workshop, small Christmas gifts or decorations are made. This activity is also free of charge, but a small contribution towards the costs of the materials provided is requested.


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