Sternenzauber – starry magic!

The run-up to Christmas 2024 in Monheim am Rhein means ice skating and curling once again – as part of Monheim’s Sternenzauber market and ice rink. The Christmas festivities draw more than 50,000 people to the center of Monheim every year. Sparkling star-shaped decorations on the lanterns and trees conjure up the appropriate ambience.

The ice rink and stands at Monheim’s 10th Sternenzauber will sweeten the winter season from November 29 to January 5. Right on time for the first weekend in Advent, a free ice-skating experience will start here in the city center and be open for six weeks. It will be accompanied by a gourmet alpine hut and retail offers that invite visitors to enjoy a Christmas stroll in a relaxed atmosphere.
Both the ice rink and the Winter Chalet can be booked online.

Part of Monheim’s Sternenzauber festivities will also be the traditional [intern]Monheim Christmas Market on the third weekend of Advent in the old part of the town. On that special Sunday, December 15, shops will also be open and will be offering some great Christmas deals.

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