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Mission statement of the Music School of Monheim am Rhein

The Musikschule (Music School) of the City of Monheim am Rhein is a public educational institution where music enthusiasts of all ages – from toddlers to senior citizens – can acquire the ability to make music all on their own. It is equally committed to providing a varied offer for everyone and to identfying and fostering talent. Through its cultural and educational activities, it contributes to improving the quality of life of the people living in Monheim am Rhein, which is why its offers are consistently tailored to their needs. As a member of the Association of German Music Schools, it provides well-founded training based on the relevant curricula.

Personality development

Singing, dancing and the playing of instruments have been proven to promote the personality development of children and young people. The special aspects of musical learning contribute to the holistic development of a person. Important key qualifications such as social behavior and the ability to work in a team, concentration and creative ability, self-confidence and creativity, are all developed through music. Accordingly, the Music School is not only committed to teaching the cultural asset of music, but also to develop these personality-enhancing aspects.

A music school for everyone

Every child in Monheim am Rhein should be able to benefit from the positive effects of musical activity. This is why the Monheim model “MoMo” is being applied and continuously developed in cooperation with the city’s elementary schools. By intensifying its cooperation with child daycare centers, the Music School also aims to ensure that children come into contact with music at an early age. Working closely with the secondary schools, previous experiences from “MoMo” are taken up and further deepened through special offers.

Identifying and fostering talent

One core task of the Music School is to provide special support for gifted children. This is why it has specific teaching offers which, besides individual instrumental or vocal training, include other aspects of musical learning such as ensemble playing, theory lessons and special performance opportunities. If need be, the Music School also offers training to prepare young people for university; this training is based on the requirements of the courses at German universities.


On the one hand, the Music School wants to pass on musical tradition, but, on the other hand, it also wants to take up and integrate new trends in music development. Accordingly, classical and contemporary music, folklore, jazz and pop music with all their corresponding instruments and ensembles have an equal place in what the Music School offers.

Making music together

The Music School sees making music together as a core concern of the work it does. That is why the quality of its ensemble work is to be enhanced with a view to the different needs of its students. The orchestra work done with elementary schools is to be continued in a nuanced way across all key areas.


One objective of the Music School is to recognize and respond to constantly changing social conditions. That is why innovative and exemplary approaches to music education will continue to be developed and trialed in Monheim am Rhein.

Educational network

The Music School sees itself as part of a diverse municipal educational landscape that aims to offer children and young people the best possible opportunities for self-development and growth. One of its key concerns and special strengths is that it doesn’t pursue this purpose as an isolated institution, but in cooperation with schools and extracurricular partners.

House of music

The Music School regards itself as a place where different generations, nationalities and social groups can all come together and meet. It promotes communication and integration in the city, thus making an important contribution to the cultural and social life in Monheim am Rhein. In order to adequately fulfil this mission and to be a place that people can identify with, the school needs a central and easily reachable building.


Well-qualified and motivated employees are the essential prerequisite for achieving the ambitious goals of the Music School. That is why we strive for a comprehensive professional exchange, needs-based training, involvement in decision-making processes and appropriate remuneration.

The mission statement was approved by the Education, Culture and Sports Committee on December 6, 2011.

Detailed information about the Music School, teachers and lessons is available (in German) on the [extern]Music School Website.



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