Fairtrade Town Monheim am Rhein

Since 2014, Monheim am Rhein has been a Fairtrade Town, a title that is awarded by the Fairtrade Deutschland association. With the title, the town is sending out a signal about the importance of more justice and sustainability in world trade. The aim is to anchor the topic of fair trade in society in the long term and to set a good example.

To qualify for the award, the town had to meet certain criteria, which are reviewed every two years. One of the ways the town is striving to be fair is by offering only Fairtrade coffee and sugar at all committee and City Council meetings and in the mayor's office, something that has already been done since a City Council decision in December 2013. In addition, a steering group was formed with representatives from various areas of city life who support the Fairtrade initiative in different ways. Within the City Administration, activities are coordinated by the Fairtrade Officer.

The retail and gastronomy sectors are also part of the movement: In many shops and cafés, Fairtrade products are part of the permanent offer. Citizens who are actively involved in associations, organizations and schools are also committed to the cause. Together, we spread the idea of fair trade further, because we believe that people in all parts of the world should be able to lead a good and safe life in a healthy environment.


Intercultural Fair Weeks

For the second time, Monheim am Rhein participated in the nationwide Intercultural Weeks in 2020 – which have been combined with the Fair Week this year. The aim was to throw light on issues relating to living together in Monheim am Rhein and globally from different perspectives.

During the joint campaign period from September 19 to October 4, Monheim's clubs, institutions, organizations and dedicated individuals invited people to discover a wide range of events and see the world and Monheim am Rhein with different eyes.

These Intercultural Fair Weeks will take place again in 2021, from September 18 to October 3. All those interested in participating, please contact Mr. Benedikt Rhiel, brhiel@monheim.de, Phone: +49 (2173) 951-814, or Ms. Annika Patz, apatz@monheim.de, Phone: +49 (2173) 951-8308.

Fairtrade candy for Monheim's Carnival

Colorful, tasty and fair –the Monheim carnival celebrations in 2020 were the third time that onlookers of every carnival parade were thrown Fairtrade candies. To make this happen, the Fairtrade Town of Monheim am Rhein provided all  parade participants – both those on foot and on the floats – with candies for throwing worth a total of €100,000. The gesture was not an end in itself: it also helped to make the general public more aware of the Fairtrade movement. Together with the local “carnival fools”, the city is campaigning for better living and working conditions all over the world. This way, the local carnival unites people across continents.

“Faire Jecken”, or "Fair Fools", are campaigning for better-quality ingredients and greater appreciation of the farmers involved in growing these raw materials. The Fairtrade candy tastes great and is made of high-quality organic ingredients. The packaging design includes images that are related to Monheim am Rhein. The candy pays tribute to the work of the people who grow the raw materials – and the adults and children who catch or pick up the candies will also appreciate the difference.

The organizers want the idea to spread. That is why all of Monheim's carnival associations and other participants in the carnival parades were called on to support the movement and to use parts of their own budget to buy Fairtrade candies to throw to onlookers – because only this way can the movement continue to grow. A Fairtrade share of 10% of the budget was the declared goal. Eleven groups and clubs responded to the call and ordered mango monkeys, flying hearts, whole milk chocolate bars, peanut confetti and dark chocolate from the colorful range of Fairtrade candy. A really cheerful attempt at more fairness in the world – showing that together we can achieve a lot! Helau!

City Administration and fair play

Fairness is a big thing in Monheim am Rhein – both with regard to sports and commitment to fair global trade. The City Administrations new team shirt for joint sporting challenges is, therefore, made from Fairtrade organic cotton and under socially responsible production conditions. At the 35th Gänsellieselauf, or “Goose Girl Run”, at the Monheim City Festival, employees of the City Administration showed how well they understood the concept of fair play when they took part in the run for the very first time.

Fairtrade chocolate: Harmonie

The town's commitment to fair trade can also be tasted. With the introduction of Fairtrade chocolate made to its own design, Monheim am Rhein is making the topic of fair trade part of town life and local shops even more. By doing this, the Fairtrade Town, together with the retail and gastronomy sectors, demonstrates that good taste and fair trading conditions can go hand in hand.

The chocolate is produced in by the luxury chocolate manufacturer Zotter, who stands not only for fair and organic production methods but also for highest quality and particularly exquisite flavors.

Many retailers and catering establishments already include the Fairtrade chocolate in their product range, so demonstrating their support for the Fairtrade movement. You can find out where to get the chocolate [PDF]here.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade refers to a trade partnership that includes social rights and ecological standards in addition to fair and appropriate payment. The aim is to make global trade fairer by giving greater support to the producers at the start of the supply chain to improve their living and working conditions in the long term.

Consumers also benefit: Fairtrade products meet high quality standards and are largely grown organically. At the same time, by choosing Fairtrade products, consumers specifically opt for fairer and more sustainable trading conditions around the world.

The Fairtrade Deutschland association awards the Fairtrade seal, which identifies products from the global south that have been produced according to international Fairtrade standards. At the same time, Fairtrade importers such as GEPA, El Puente, WeltPartner, Zotter and Globo offer a guarantee that fair trading conditions have been complied with. The association’s business structure is exclusively focused on fair trade and close cooperation with producer organizations. In doing so, they adhere to the [extern]principles of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). The same applies to all goods that are offered in recognized Worldshops.

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