Holiday and leisure activities

Leisure activities during the school holidays

There‘s a lot going on in Monheim am Rhein during the holidays! The Children, Youth and Families Department has compiled a list of all the activities on offer. The list also includes the contact addresses of the various providers.

Registrations for day trips organized by the Child and Youth Development Department are generally only possible from six weeks before the start of the school holidays.

Leisure activities

The open recreational facilities for children and young people in Monheim am Rhein offer a wide range of creative activities. These can usually be attended without prior registration and are free of charge. The program of courses offered by the cultural facilities for children and young people in Monheim am Rhein is also impressive. Besides art, music and literature, there are many other interdisciplinary projects and events on offer.

In countless clubs, citizens of Monheim are committed to providing meaningful leisure activities for children and young people and especially to promoting sport. The all-weather swimming pool Mona Mare offers something for the whole family.

Adventure playground

Building huts or getting creative, environmental education, special projects, holiday programs and events for kids and teens, and much more…the adventure playground on Kapellenstrasse offers all of this!

[extern]Website of the adventure playground


A cozy seating area, kitchenette, sun awning, Smart TV, ball shooting equipment – the new Aktionsmobil, or “action van”, run by the municipal department for Children, Youth and Families, leaves nothing to be desired. Since 2007, the van that is packed with play equipment has been popular with children and youngsters alike. A new van was purchased in August 2019. From April to October, the Aktionsmobil heads to playgrounds around town. It is organized by the [intern]Haus der Jugend youth center.

All-weather pool

The Mona Mare all-weather pool invites you to swim, visit the sauna and take keep-fit courses.

It has attractive indoor and outdoor areas for the whole family.

[extern]Mona Mare website


The library of the City of Monheim am Rhein offers more than just books – there is also a wide variety of other information carriers, such as cassettes, CDs and DVDs – altogether more than 45,000 media.



The Cube in Baumberg is a partly open-door center for teenagers and young adults. A team of 19- to 24-year-olds works in the facility run by the Catholic parish of St Gereon and Dionysius at the “Open Doors” times on Thursdays from 6:00 p.m. and every third Friday of the month from 8:00 p.m.

During the “Open Doors,” young people can play billiards, table football or darts, among other things. Music requests are gladly accepted. Guests can relax and chat in the seating areas.

[extern]Cube facebook page

Haus Bürgel

In the former Roman fort Haus Bürgel, history lessons can be enjoyed up close and personal. Groups of children and school classes can journey back in time to the Roman Rhineland.

[extern]Haus Bürgel website

[extern]Offers for groups

Haus der Jugend

The [intern]Haus der Jugend youth center is a meeting place for children, teenagers and young adults at Tempelhofer Strasse 17. Be there or be square, and discover new things together: chat, play games, do sports, cook, get creative, listen to music, dance and party!


Youth Club Baumberg

The Youth Club Baumberg (Jugendklub Baumberg), also known as 'Jukuba', serves as a gathering spot for kids, adolescents, and young adults, situated at Humboldtstraße 8.

Young visitors are offered a range of activities, including sports, games, creativity sessions, weekend events, extracurricular groups, and much more.

Art School

The art school provides courses for children and teenagers. In small groups, under the guidance of experienced artists, they are supported and encouraged to explore and deepen their own artistic expression.

Music School

The music school offers lessons for children and teenagers.

In addition to instrumental lessons, there is a variety of activities for children, teenagers, and adults. These include dance groups, workshops, music gardens, and collaborative programs with elementary schools.


The Rheincafé in the old town is operated by around 30 students from Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium, Peter-Ustinov-Comprehensive School, and Sekundarschule Monheim am Rhein.

Since 2013, the student cooperative has been running the student café with the support of the city of Monheim am Rhein and the three secondary schools. The café in the heart of the old town is open to all residents of Monheim. It has become a meeting place in a relaxed atmosphere, particularly for young people.

The students learn to take responsibility at the café. They prepare meals, design the café, organize events, and make relevant decisions as a team. New members are always welcome to join.

Skate park Am Kielsgraben

By the end of 2025, a new facility for the challenging practice of urban sports such as skateboarding, stunt scootering, BMX, WCMX, inline skating, surf-skating, and calisthenics will be created with the Skatepark Am Kielsgraben. With the aim of developing n attractive location for recreational sports, as well as hosting international competitions, a total area of 9,430 square meters is available.

The planning firm LNDSKT from Cologne is prepared to incorporate features such as the "Park," "Street," and a "Skate Boulevard."

Sojus 7

The diverse program at Sojus 7 regularly features exhibitions, concerts, cabaret events, and parties.

Ulla Hahn House

In interdisciplinary projects and events, the Ulla-Hahn-Haus promotes the linguistic education and reading socialization of children, teenagers, and adults. At the core of the diverse creative offerings are the joy of language and the pleasure of reading.


Achim Wieghardt
Achim Wieghardt

Haus der Chancen, Raum E.27

Kinder- und Jugendförderung

+49 2173 951-5140
+49 2173 951-25-5140
Fabian Kaina
Fabian Kaina

Haus der Chancen, Raum E.27

+49 2173 951-5143
+49 2173 951-25-5143
Eva Heggemann
Eva Heggemann

Haus der Chancen, Raum E.27

+49 2173 951-5141
+49 2173 951-25-5141
Anna Hüsgen
Anna Hüsgen

Haus der Chancen, Raum E.27

+49 2173 951-5142
+49 2173 951-25-5142
Elisabeth Schweiger

Haus der Chancen, Raum E.27

+49 2173 951-5146
+49 2173 951-25-5146
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