About the City Council

Whether it is a question of waste collection fees, zoning plans, kindergarten planning or the Sundays when shops are open for business, what the Council decides has a direct impact on how people can live and work in the city. The Council of the City of Monheim am Rhein manages the local political events. It is elected by the local citizens for a period of five years by universal, direct, free, equal and secret suffrage. The size of the Council is determined by the population of the respective city.

The Council of the City of Monheim am Rhein has 40 members. The full-time [intern]mayor is the chairman of the Council. He is directly elected by the citizens and is also the head of the Administration,

The municipal regulations of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia give the Council "overall responsibility" for all matters concerning the city. Citizens can send suggestions and complaints directly to the Council.

Section 24 of the municipal regulations states: "Everyone has the right, individually or in association with others, to address suggestions or complaints in writing to the Council in matters concerning the municipality." These matters are then dealt with in accordance with the rules of competence at meetings of the General and Finance Committees, and frequently, decision-making procedures are initiated.

Often, a mandate is given to the Administration to follow up a request and prepare a draft decision for the committee in charge or the Council. Every Council or committee meeting also includes a "Q&A session," during which residents can ask questions to the Administration

The Council also decides on applications submitted by the parties represented in it and on proposals prepared by the Administration. The members of the Council are bound only by their conscience and are free from any instructions when taking decisions. After the Council has decided on a matter, the Administration is entrusted with carrying out the decision and is monitored by the Council.

Distribution of seats on the City Council of Monheim am Rhein during the 10th legislative period (2020-2025)

Reference date: June 22, 2022


Andy Eggert, Stefanie Einheuser (chairwoman), Sarah Starosky, Melissa Ergen, Malte Franke, Fabian Glave, Florian Große-Allermann, Lydia Hannawald, Julia Häusler, Baboucarr Jobe, Özge Kabukcu, Vanessa Klein, Michael Lück, Kristina Vogel, Lisa Pientak, Benedikt Reich, Carina Reich, Lucas Risse, Bianca Rosenstetter, Joris Schüller, Monika Sprenglewski, Laura Töpfer, Marius Volgmann




Heinz-Jürgen Goldmann, Markus Gronauer (chairman), Radojka Kamps, Dr. Angela Linhart, Michael Nagy, Lina Schlupp, Detlef Thedieck, Lars van der Bijl, Peter Werner




Rebecca Drewke-Lüdtke, Dr. Sabine Lorenz, Jens Mallwitz, Manfred Poell (chairman)




Dr. Norbert Friedrich, Stefanie Rohm, Alexander Schumacher (chairman)




Stephan Wiese




Because the tasks the City is charged with are so hugely varied, the Municipal Code provides that committees specializing on specific subjects be formed where matters are discussed and resolution proposals for the Council are prepared. Occasionally, the City Council may delegate authority to a committee so it can take its own decisions. Apart from members of the Council, interested citizens can also be appointed to the committees: competent residents above the age of 18 can be members with an advisory function on the committees.

Pursuant to the Municipal Code, every town and city is obliged to form certain committees. In Monheim am Rhein, these statutory committees are the Main and Finance Committee, the Audit Committee and the Election Committee. In addition, there are the following committees:

  • Committee for Inclusion, Social Issues and Public Order
  • Climate Protection, Urban Planning and Transport Committee
  • Schools and Sports Committee
  • Building and Property Management Committee
  • Youth Welfare Committee
  • Culture Committee
  • Committee for the Scrutiny of Elections

Council and Committee meetings are generally open to the public. Session dates are published via the Council information system. However, the rules of procedure of the City Council provide for the exclusion of the public when certain matters are discussed.


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