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Achat Comfort Hotel Köln/Monheim

The hotel offers bright single and double rooms with various amenities for private travelers, business travelers or trade fair visitors.

Achat Comfort Hotel Cologne/Monheim

Delitzscher Strasse 1

+49 (2173) 330 380

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Baumberger Rheintrerrassen

Idyllically situated in a quiet spot right on the Rhine, the hotel has high-quality single and double rooms, a terrace with a view of the Rhine and a restaurant with bar.

Baumberger Rheintrerrassen

Klappertorstrasse 47

+49 (2173) 96460


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Campingplatz Rheinblick

The campsite, with its own restaurant, is perfect for enjoying a vacation close to nature right on the Rhine. It is ideal for families, spontaneous vacationers as well as long-term and seasonal campers.

Campingplatz Rheinblick

Urdenbacher Weg

+49 (2173) 64400


Comfort Hotel Monheim

Opened in 2018, the 3-star superior hotel offers rooms with modern furnishings – with or without a view of the Rhine. The works of art on the ceilings make every stay a very special experience.

Comfort Hotel

Rheinpromenade 2

+49 (2173) 993 2880

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Haus Rheinblick

The family-friendly accommodation ensures that guests will enjoy a relaxed stay in comfortable rooms of a high standard, with its own bowling alley and rooms for partying.

Haus Rheinblick Ott

Rheinuferstrasse 8

+49 (2173) 49010

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Haus Sonnenschein

Situated in a quiet location in the city center with well-maintained rooms for relaxing nights. Specially designed for business travelers with ideal transport links and Wi-Fi.

Haus Sonnenschein

Krischerstrasse 78

+49 (2173) 896 810

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Hotel & Restaurant Zum Vater Rhein

A modern hotel with well-equipped rooms of a high standard with a family-friendly atmosphere and its own restaurant right on the Rhine.

Zum Vater Rhein

An d’r Kapell 4

+49 (2173) 392 380

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Hotel am Wald

The idyllic and quiet 3-star-superior hotel offers comfortable rooms (also barrier-free and suitable for allergy sufferers), a hotel restaurant and rooms for conferences and celebrations.

Hotel am Wald

An der Alten Ziegelei 4

+49 (2173) 33070

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Caravan rental Barwinsky

Am Knipprather Busch 11
40789 Monheim am Rhein

+49 (2173) 8950-990

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Caravan rental Schmidle

Campingplatz Rheinblick
40789 Monheim am Rhein

+49 (179) 4826711

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